Asset Management Process

Discovery & Assessment:

We listen... We spend time getting to know you, your family and your financial situation. We want to understand your unique circumstances along with how your feel about risk, your objectives and the time horizon needed to accomplish your goals.

Develop Personalized Strategy:

We analyze and build... After gathering your information, we apply our expertise, use the knowledge of our extended team, and employ the resources available through our firm in order to construct an individualized Wealth Management plan designed specifically for you.

Present, Educate & Agree:

Your understanding and confidence is a priority... As we present your personalized plan, it is imperative that you understand our approach and agree that we are meeting your objectives within your comfort level and in a time frame that satisfies your goals.

Implementation of Strategy:

Walk, don’t run... Once we have agreed upon your Wealth Management plan, we will begin to employ the investment strategy with a disciplined approach to investing. This may include dollar-cost-averaging and consideration for markets and economies.

Review & Communicate:

Most fundamental and important... Our clients are assured knowing that we closely review their investments and re-evaluate their Wealth Management plan. Markets change and life events happen. Therefore, a consistent plan of communication with personal reviews, phone conversations and/or emails will be established to your satisfaction.